Whistleblowing is about raising concerns about misconduct, poor or unacceptable practices, irregularities, corruption or fraud in an organisation, without fear of retribution, and through clear and secure channels made available to concerned staff and partners. NIS is committed to the highest level of integrity and has established two official whistleblowing channels. These two channels provide a confidential way for NIS staff and partners to voice concerns quickly, simply and anonymously if preferred. As such, these available channels form an integral part of our organisational system to prevent and react upon inappropriate activities or behaviours that are contrary to NIS policies. Eric Sevrin and Christopher Eads, NIS Senior Partners, will be the sole recipients of information submitted through these channels.

You may blow the whistle through the following whistleblowing channels:

1. You can confidentially send your concerns by entering the details of your concern in the form below. If you elect not to provide your name or email address, your anonymity is assured.

2. You can confidentially send your concerns in an envelope marked "strictly private and confidential" by post to:

Eric Sevrin/ Christopher Eads, NIS Senior Partner
PO Box 9025 Grønland
0133 Oslo


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